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On The Road With Tycho from Mission Workshop on Vimeo.

Mission Workshop and FILTER Magazine went on tour with San Francisco band Tycho, to capture the life of touring musicians. At first glance, it can seem wildly glamorous: Late nights, different cities, fans that adore you…But look a little deeper and you’ll see that the reality of life on the road is very much to the contrary. Though there are good times to be had, the majority of a touring musician’s life is spent in transition. Transition from city to city, venue to venue, and hotel to hotel. Mission Workshop documented a set of shows just prior to the 2014 Awake tour with Filter Magazine and created a photo collection called Lucid.

View LUCID at

Good Morning Bath from QFILMS.TV on Vimeo.

The beautiful City of Bath from a new perspective, during the early hours of a frosty November morning.

GoPro - Hero 3

A non-profit production, purely to showcase our skills and a beautiful City.

"NICO" | Short Documentary from AG Rojas on Vimeo.

A short glimpse into an incredible young man’s life made possible by Wieden + Kennedy, for Powerade.

AG Rojas, Writer + Director
Geoff McClean + Carmela Makela + Corbett Jones, Producers
Michael Ragen, Cinematographer (Present Day Photography)
Carl Calabria, Cinematographer (Archival Photography)
Charlie Harvey, Editor @ Whitehouse

Very Special Thanks to Caroline Kousidonis and the Calabria Family.

TOKYO REVERSE - EXTRACTS #02 from Simon Bouisson on Vimeo.

Written and directed by : SÅNDL : Simon Bouisson et Ludovic Zuili
Original live soundtrack by : Tristano Schumacher Khalife
Produced by : Grégoire Olivereau
A coproduction : France Télévisions and EDEN
© 2014

Born-Free 5 Invited Builder Series-Matt Olsen of Carl’s Cycle Supply from Born-Free on Vimeo.

Matt Olsen returns to the Born-Free Vintage Chopper and Classic Cycle show to defend his Best in Show award from 2012’s Born-Free 4. This year he is building the earliest bike of all 32 invited builders, a 1923 Harley JD boardtrack racer for his wife to actually race! This motorcycle just shows the diversity and knowledge of early bikes that come out of his dad’s well established shop in Aberdeen, South Dakota Carl’s Cycle Supply.

For more info on this and the Born-Free show, please visit and please plan to attend June 29, 2013 in Southern California at Oak Canyon Ranch.

Niki workshop from NOIR Films on Vimeo.

In this video Niki shares her more than 20years being in hip hop culture.
You will learn:
- how to feel free while you are dancing
- how too keep balance
- how make your dance varied
- coordination and rhythm exercise
- how hip-hop emerged in her life
- what she appreciates in hip hop culture
- her attitude to battles
- what she appreciates in a dancer
- what is dance for her

Filmed/Directed/Edited and Post produced by NOIR Films 2014© :

Tyrese Gibson - Self Love is the Cure to Self Hate from Daomay on Vimeo.

1. One camera (SONY FS700), one lens (wide), one voice..Mr Tyrese Gibson, one soundtrack (Kites), one love, one inspiring short message.
2. Two hours at the beach with son, two hours of fun, it take two to tangle.
3. Three hours to edit, three people came up to me and said what you filming :-)
4. Four reason not to judge cause I didn’t very care about my setting on my camera or changing lens…All I though about was to capture any beautiful moment I could see within that two hours. Enjoy

Born-Free 5 Invited Builder Series-Kiyo from Born-Free on Vimeo.

Born-Free 5 Invited Builder Kiyo of Gardena, California is one of those rare people that can make metal and machine do exactly as he wants. He can make anything run and create just about anything from scratch as well as be there to win on race day. His rigid Japanese background is no surprise when you learn his work ethic and creativity.
For Born-Free 5 he is building from nothing a turbo charged 1974 Honda CB750 that is heavily inspired by drag and land speed racing. You could take his bike or your choice of 17 others home if you win June 29, 2013 at Born-Free 5!
For more info on Kiyo, the bike giveaway, and the Born-Free Vintage Chopper and Classic Cycle show, please visit

Video shot by Michael Schmidt, sound and editing by Homer Gaijin

Born-Free Invited Builder Series-Kouske of Sunrise Cycles from Born-Free on Vimeo.

One of 32 Invited Builders for the Born-Free 5 Vintage Chopper and Classic Cycle Show is Japanese born Kouske of Sunrise Cycles in Los Angeles, California. Kouske came to the USA to chase his dream of building custom motorcycles in the heart of America. This year he is building a 1949 Harley Panhead chopper that will be made specifically for riding long distances. He’ll build it mostly from scratch and even paint it himself!

You can win this bike or your choice of 17 others the day of the show June 29, 2013 in Southern California. For more info, please visit

Video shot and edited by Travis Labella